Professional Web Solutions for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

We simplify the web!

Professional Web Solutions for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

We simplify the web!

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Custom Web Design

When it comes to creating a unique online identity, off-the-shelf solutions might not cut it. Our team specializes in crafting custom web designs from the ground up. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to revamp your existing website, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Ask us about our custom web design and web development solutions, and let us build a website that truly reflects your brand, values, and goals.

Customized WordPress

WordPress stands out as a leading platform for website development, and for good reasons. Our experience lies in tailoring existing WordPress solutions to meet your specific needs. By choosing our services, you benefit from customized WordPress solutions that not only save you time but also fit within your budget. We understand the power of WordPress, and we harness it to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for your web presence.

Web Sites Re-Imagined

Seeking a fresh perspective for your website? We're here to help you reimagine your online presence. Our team is enthusiastic about redesigning and redeveloping existing websites to give them a new life. If you're looking for something different, whether it's a modern look, enhanced functionality, or improved user experience, we're more than happy to collaborate with you. Let us transform your website into a compelling and effective digital asset.

Design Solutions for digital or print.

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Graphic Component Print Digital File Formats
Logo Embossed, Foil Stamping, High-Res Print High-Res Image for Web PNG, JPEG, SVG, AVIF, WEBP
Images and Graphics High-Res, CMYK Color Mode Web-Optimized Images (RGB Color Mode) PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, AVIF, WEBP
Color Palette CMYK Color Mode RGB Color Mode N/A (RGB or HEX values), PDF
Icons Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Bitmap Formats (PNG, JPEG) for Web SVG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, ICO
Favicons Not applicable for print Linked in HTML using <link> tag ICO, PNG
Background Images/Patterns High-Res for Print Optimized Images for Web, CSS background PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, AVIF, WEBP
Custom Illustrations High-Res Illustrations Optimized Images for Web, Scalable SVG PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, AVIF, WEBP